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The Crave Brothers Made Cheese a Family Business

Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics has been a Family Business Center member since 2006 and we thank them for the years of family business knowledge they are able to bring to all of our programs.

There are thousands of kids across the state of Wisconsin who wake up every morning before school and head out to the pastures. Whether they are feeding the chickens, milking the cows, or spreading some of that fresh dairy air, these kids are helping to keep their families’ farms operating.

Before they were Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics, they were just the Crave brothers. Raised on a 40 cow dairy farm near Beloit, the brothers have been working on a farm together practically their entire lives.

After spending some time working on a rented farm in Mt. Horeb, the Crave brothers bought their dairy farm in Waterloo in 1980. In 1999, they began looking for ways to expand their farm and their business. That’s when they had the idea to begin creating their specialty cheeses.

Crave Brothers completed its cheese factory in 2001. Milk from the farm’s herd is pumped directly into the factory which allows it to be converted to cheese more efficiently and ensure a better tasting final product.

Today, the farm covers 1,700 acres, with 1,500 Holstein cows grazing its lands. The four Crave brothers have each taken on a responsibility of their own. Charles Crave is in charge of bookkeeping and feeding. Thomas Crave manages crop production and maintenance. Mark Crave is the herd manager, as well as the personnel manager. And George Crave is the cheese factory manager.

As Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese continues to grow and make a name for itself worldwide, it’s a good reminder for all the kids waking up to do their chores on the farm. Hard work can go a long way in Wisconsin.

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